About Company

Pixector International is a Multimedia / software development company that is based on Graphics experts, Web programmers & Project Managers being lead by Haroon Latif. We deliver innovative and eye-catching designs to globally positioned firms. Our mission is to deliver 110% customer satisfaction in corporate image and design, and we go the extra distance to ensure our completed projects exceed our client's expectations.

With over 14 years of experience in the industry, we understand what it takes to produce successful corporate image. The right image embodies the company's fundamental essence, and at the same time increases the customer's identification with the brand. We use the most up to date Software and technology in order to to produce a those products that values your company in an innovative and outstanding image.

Our Professional system in working that makes sure the milestones are achieved and deadlines are met. Zero delays and hassle-free project completion, Pixector ensures & guarantee you success and happiness.

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